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Holisticon’s experts are not simply identical robots with a standard solution for every problem. There are no workshops in which you can learn how work is carried out at Holisticon. Everyone is an individual, and that’s a good thing. Nevertheless we pursue the same objectives: high-quality software, successful projects, constructive conflict, creative chaos, and self-organization.

Our team

  • Michael Fritsch

    In my head: software and music. In my hands: a keyboard and a guitar. On my shirt: Holisticon and festivals. On my face: a smile ... ;-)

    Image of Michael Fritsch
  • Leon Fausten

    Feels at home in the backend. Has a penchant for smart architectures and agile development. Will eat anything if it's spicy enough.

    Image of Leon Fausten
  • Christian Schade

    Is a pragmatic solution finder and fear monger on topics related to data protection and information security. He likes the lively exchange in different facets.

    Image of Christian Schade
  • Stefan Zilske

    Stefan operates in the area of BPM/SOA, likes agility, processes, and pragmatism, is a dad twice over, a barbecue nerd, and a self-confessed Apple fanboy.

    Image of Stefan Zilske
  • Simon Sprünker

    Software architect and developer with a strong affinity towards Kotlin and DevOps. Despises manual tasks and boilerplate code.

    Image of Simon Sprünker
  • Christine Späth

    A talent for facts and figures and how they correlate fiscally and economically. She mixes in just about everything and is open for any and all mischief.

    Image of Christine Späth
  • Frank Platte

    Creative designer between IT, design and society. Shaped by a life full of disruptions. Two children. Country bumpkin. Digitization serves people, not the other way around! And: ART!

    Image of Frank Platte
  • Christian Westerkamp

    Unconventional lawyer, passionate and listening advisor with an eye for the essentials and practical solutions. Seekers of gray areas and keeper of data protection. Considers Information Security important.

    Image of Christian Westerkamp
  • Catherine Colombo

    As an advertiser, I'm spinning - also in the digital net. The Black Forest Girl/Nordic Deern finds balance between the different worlds during yoga, on the mountain or on, in and under water.

    Image of Catherine Colombo
  • Julian Wrastil

    A technology enthusiast since childhood, I firmlybelieve that self-organized teams utilizing effective communication can solve any challenge.

    Image of Julian Wrastil
  • Tobias Stamann

    Pragmatic solution-finder specializing in development, DevOps, and performance.

    Image of Tobias Stamann
  • Tobias Behr

    As a software developer with a strong preference for agile development I love simple solutions that directly add value for the user.

    Image of Tobias Behr
  • Kali Richter

    Text enthusiast and word acrobat who loves the balancing act between creative ideas and pragmatic solutions. Therefore I enjoy performing in the marketing team.

    Image of Kali Richter
  • Jan Weinschenker

    Lego fan, angler, chili grower and long-distance runner. Builder with endurance. Web and performance enthusiast. But clueless regarding BPMN.

    Image of Jan Weinschenker
  • Philipp Ubrich

    I’m an inquisitive and creative software enthusiast & team player. Challenges motivate me - whether in software development or on the skateboard.

    Image of Philipp Ubrich
  • Simon Zambrovski

    I am a business analyst and architect specializing in enterprise systems. My domains are the automation of business processes and EAM.

    Image of Simon Zambrovski
  • Wiebke Dahl

    Lively person from the north of Germany with a lot of empathy! Loves to create meaningful and sustainable solutions! Outside of the office you can find her at Yoga, Beachvolleyball or travelling around the world...

    Image of Wiebke Dahl
  • Christian Neuenstadt

    Christian joined in 2017 and processes digital streams in Micro Batches. He is also an expert in Linked Data and the Semantic Web.

    Image of Christian Neuenstadt
  • Jacqueline Striewe

    Is enthusiastic - even about supposedly dry topics such as data protection, ISO and DIN standards. She likes people and colorful personalities. In her free time she enjoys taking long walks by the sea with her furry friend.

    Image of Jacqueline Striewe
  • Mechtild Kniesburges

    She is not only responsible for figures but (much more importantly!) also plays a part in the well-being of all Holisticon staff

    Image of Mechtild Kniesburges
  • Christian Potemski

    My heart beats for good software - from the infrastructure to the frontend.And I am convinced that the best results are achieved through teamwork.

    Image of Christian Potemski
  • Oliver Ihns

    Entrepeneur and business consultant from the heart and soul. Focus on digitization of business models and business processes.

    Image of Oliver Ihns
  • Rafael Schwarze

    Agile generalist with a penchant for new thoughts, leadership and personal/entrepreneurial growth. Privately: dad, master of a cute dog, hobby cook and wannabe Roger Federer.

    Image of Rafael Schwarze
  • Stefan Heldt

    Masterful architect and department go-between. Almost always remains calm and strikes a perfect balance between a desire for harmony and civilized arguments.

    Image of Stefan Heldt
  • Melanie Wallintin

    Creative team player with a penchant for modern technologies, beautiful design and software that is loved by its users.

    Image of Melanie Wallintin
  • Jo Ehm

    Neither a professional musician nor a single-figure handicap golfer but a proven expert/mastermind as far as BPM & Co. is concerned. Agile pragmatist with a penchant for design.

    Image of Jo Ehm
  • Enno Thieleke

    Active listener, dislikes messing around, preserver of what works, and keeps a healthy distance when everything is up in the air.

    Image of Enno Thieleke
  • Martin Günther

    #ILike: agility, BPMN, Liberating Structures, mountain bikes, team players, tests #IDontLike: lethargy, paprika, inflexible mind.

    Image of Martin Günther
  • Thorsten Rahlf

    I look forward to any challenge that at first glance can't be solved. Software is only as good as its architecture.

    Image of Thorsten Rahlf
  • Erik Hogrefe

    Consultant, coach and trainer for people who want to do the right thing. Enthusiast for agility and what becomes possible. At all flight levels. With a heart for sustainability. Cyclist, swimmer and worm farmer.

    Image of Erik Hogrefe
  • Jonas Engler

    Preferably buried in algorithms. I am always open to a chat - you can talk to me about any sport - and a passionate gamer.

    Image of Jonas Engler
  • Christian Broomfield

    Kotlin and microservice afficionado. Replete with optimism and a hunger for knowledge. Would rather craft excellent, purpose-built solutions than building on bloated all-in-one frameworks- looking at you, Spring!

    Image of Christian Broomfield
  • Kathrin Strate

    Always great: being near the water in Hamburg. And dancing. Also always great: getting to know people, inspiring them and meeting inspired people. That's why I'm "Recruiting & People"

    Image of Kathrin Strate
  • Franziska Knorr

    Thinks: people > processes, working product > documentation, teamwork > contract negotations, change > plan, actions > 140 characters!

    Image of Franziska Knorr
  • Johannes Schartau

    Passionate agilist. Trailblazer. Disciplined optimist. Broadening horizons. Anchor of calm. Breaker of comfort zones. Empath. Discoverer of potentials. Fun-lover.

    Image of Johannes Schartau
  • Detlef von der Thüsen

    I am both a UX designer and frontend-guy that believes that a system should benefit the user and not get in the way.

    Image of Detlef von der Thüsen
  • Paul Deuster

    PROFESSIONALLY: software engineer with a penchant for architecture, Java and Android. PRIVATELY: creative, interested in history and politics, enjoying problem solving. MOTIVATION: the creative process of development. The analytical work involved in finding solutions. The pleasure in understanding and learning.

    Image of Paul Deuster
  • Daniel Steinhöfer

    A wanderer between worlds in every respect: knows every system, gets around a lot even in private. Creative, inventive, patient colleague.

    Image of Daniel Steinhöfer
  • Ina Galinsky

    Agile and Kanban Coach. Biologist. Flight Levels enthusiast. Good observer and mediator between individuals. Pragmatist. My heart beats especially for Kanban. In my spare time passionate allotment holder and tomato farmer.

    Image of Ina Galinsky
  • Sebastian Burkart

    Passionate servant leader - believes that people should be empowered more - do more, argue less - also empowers through his YouTube channel - prefers his steak medium rare - is a series nerd

    Image of Sebastian Burkart
  • Christian Weiss

    Agile framework creator, BPM enthusiast, business expert, pilot. Full of ideas, resolute, pulsating. Watches patiently and then: bang!

    Image of Christian Weiss
  • Klaus-Peter Obst

    Als agiler Softwareentwickler kremple ich gern die Ärmel hoch und löse Probleme, anstatt lange darüber zu diskutieren. Am liebsten im Java Backend und in der Cloud.

    Image of Klaus-Peter Obst
  • Susanne Richter

    Marketing, content creation, social media and storytelling, preferably in moving pictures. Loves the sea, being a mom and big four-legged friends. Always believes in the good in people.

    Image of Susanne Richter
  • Stefan Merkl

    I am able to use my job to realize my passion for successfully implementing IT projects. My free time is spent playing Badminton, climbing and learning to play the guitar.

    Image of Stefan Merkl
  • Christian Maschmann

    Is the embodiment of calm – even in stressful project phases-, loves pragmatic solutions, has a soft spot for Core Java and strongly disapproves of pointless meetings.

    Image of Christian Maschmann
  • Roman Schlömmer

    Work: rocking cool projects with great colleagues. Life: sitting on a V8, a juicy steak on the grill, blasting heavy music, playing with my daughter. Balance: you better believe it.

    Image of Roman Schlömmer
  • Christoph Wolff

    Patient out-of-the-box thinker, building software in self-organized teams, drawing calm from the bass of reggae and losing it all again at FCSP.

    Image of Christoph Wolff
  • Marvin Luchs

    As a child of the internet, he's a passionate advocate for web standards, sustainable frontend architecture and platform-independent solutions.

    Image of Marvin Luchs
  • Joost Zöllner

    Technology enthusiast with a weakness for web technologies. At home in any agile project. A problem solver with a thirst for knowledge and always a smile on his face.

    Image of Joost Zöllner
  • Kristin Offermann

    People & Recruiting Enthusiast - Has an open ear for problems, wishes, worries and thoughts of all holistic experts. Is happy about new encounters, interaction and impulses.

    Image of Kristin Offermann
  • Robin Pommerenke

    LOVE IT: agile mindset, Star Wars, GirlsOnlyDad. CHANGE IT: dogmatism, cordless screwdriver-cowboy. LEAVE IT: intolerance, yellow, seafood.

    Image of Robin Pommerenke
  • Maret Karaca

    Agile coach out of conviction: transparent communication, value-creating work and respect in teamwork above all drive me. Privately I am an enthusiastic WOLer (Working Out Loud) and enjoy singing, whether it's in a choir or at karaoke.

    Image of Maret Karaca
  • Jan Rohwer

    Likes challenging problems and the development of solutions, especially in the area of ​​process automation. Has a strong aversion to the statement "this is technically not possible".

    Image of Jan Rohwer
  • Lukas Taake

    Developer who likes FOSS. Tries to keep an eye on the essentials, always looking for new challenges.

    Image of Lukas Taake
  • Julia Vill

    Data protection enthusiast who loves to create pragmatic solutions for customers and inspire your environment with the GDPR. A penchant for taking care of things, organizing, optimizing.

    Image of Julia Vill
  • Caroline Tobaben

    Fun-loving agile coach, great listener, empathetic motivator and always keeps the person on the other side in mind. Otherwise nordic by nature, obstacle (course) champion, mother of cats and world wanderer.

    Image of Caroline Tobaben
  • Carsten Sahling

    Agile coach, consultant, trainer, and classical project manager. A contradiction? No, the perfect synergy! Constant pragmatist and contributor.

    Image of Carsten Sahling
  • Timo Stuebing

    Loves data, information design and visualizations, using it to help understanding and drive knowledge. And wants to understand things in depth. Ideally everything.

    Image of Timo Stuebing
  • Michael Plümacher

    I love to extract reliable results from data and show how even simple machine learning methods can generate real added value.

    Image of Michael Plümacher
  • Patrick Schalk

    I am an enthusiastic Camunda fan focusing on the backend. My Fridays are devoted to hackathons with colleagues, metal, and a beer!

    Image of Patrick Schalk
  • Jan Galinski

    Jan is a passionate process automator and BPM craftsman.

    Image of Jan Galinski
  • Jochen Meyer

    Jochen is a: Quiddje, Kiel expat, sailor, full-blooded networker, speaker of plattdütsch, pleasure seeker, dog lover, barbecue nerd.

    Image of Jochen Meyer
  • Tim Silhan

    As an agile software engineer with a hunger for knowledge and thirst for action, I am eager to face new challenges. I am a communicative team player and believe that good teamwork yields more than the sum of its parts.

    Image of Tim Silhan
  • Ferhat Ayaz

    A computer whisperer and experience aggregator for decades. A real all-rounder. Loves the combination of creativity and determination. Constantly on the lookout for simple algorithms to difficult problems.

    Image of Ferhat Ayaz
  • Dierk Harbeck

    Pragmatically-agile generalist, forward and backward thinker, strategic maniac, team player and captain. And a lover of life. Above all!

    Image of Dierk Harbeck
  • Jil Schilling

    I feel at home in the frontend and backend world. I like to find creative solutions and work enthusiastically at anything new.

    Image of Jil Schilling
  • Jasmin Joachims

    At work: Python heroine, number feti & AI nerd. All under the motto "There are only two variants - either I know or I don't know yet." At home: Sci-Fi writer, runner and mother of a beautiful begonia named Flora.

    Image of Jasmin Joachims
  • Janina Bromann

    Editor, marketer, and I do the other back-office things on the side. My main role is as a listener, comfort provider, organizer, and doer.

    Image of Janina Bromann
  • Christian Paulsen

    At home in information security and data protection since the beginning of the millennium. Always looking for pragmatic and goal-oriented solutions without losing sight of the people.

    Image of Christian Paulsen
  • Philipp Pelka

    #Scrum #people #Altruist #Idealist #CreatingAddedValue #Communication #Vision #Kaizen #Hansei #Change #Empathy #Self-organization #Systems #Snowboard #DIY #Fitness #Dad #Fun

    Image of Philipp Pelka
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