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Corporate data often holds hidden potential. But how can you harness this potential? Our Smart Data experts create real business value from your data. Let a competent navigator accompany you on your transformation to a data-driven company. Smart Data.Holisticon - smart and simple.

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Data Science Life Cycle

In our Data Science Life Cycle you will discover our Smart Data and AI portfolio. On your journey we accompany you and your company, regardless from which point you start. In the development of your personal Data Journey, interdisciplinary Data Scientists and Software Engineers work strategically hand in hand. This way, your journey is sure to be crowned with success.

Data Consulting

Data Consulting is all about your data strategy. By taking stock and understanding your goals, we work with you to develop an efficient data business strategy with long-term added value. Data governance is the framework for handling data protection, IT security and data science in a coherent and responsible manner, so that you are always safe on your data journey.

Data Ideation

In Data Ideation, our focus is entirely on your current challenges. Together with you, we develop individual solutions to generate added value for your company. We identify possible use cases, document and prioritize them with you in order to design an efficient itinerary for your data journey.

Data Scouting

In data scouting, we focus on the potential of your data that is not yet visible. We sift through and document what data is available and where. And in line with your business objectives, we work with you to develop an individual concept for the meaningful consolidation of your data. In doing so, it is important to us to guarantee the integrity and quality of the data!

Rapid Prototyping

In rapid prototyping, we validate an idea in a proof of concept and use it to develop an individual solution for you. And so, in our 2x2 model, two experts show you within two weeks what is possible based on your data.


In operationalization, we continuously improve the generated machine learning models by monitoring the quality and integrity of the data as well as the model results. We integrate automatic retraining and ensure versioning of data and models. And in this way, we ensure that your Data Strategy meets changing business requirements on an ongoing basis.

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We call it HOSSA!

HOSSA stands for Holisticon Open Space Satisfaction App. What to do with it? There are already good event planning tools to combine available rooms and speakers, taking into account room layout and speaker availability. What makes our Open Space tool so special now is that HOSSA additionally considers the wishes of the participants. The app cleverly plans sessions so that as many participants as possible are happy with the schedule. Our experts develop HOSSA in their non-project time and we use the app for internal strategy days. Sounds exciting, right? Get more information about our projects in theHolisticon-Newsletter.