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How do you improve an already exceptional mind? Simple: by joining a like-minded team. Individualistic, opinionated and pioneering. Those who boldly work towards a common goal: to offer honest technological and methodical management and IT consulting at the highest level- and beyond. And who are just as laid back as they are hungry to improve.

Our creative team never loses sight of its goal; our engineers uncover the solution to our clients’ problems even if it means reading between the lines. It doesn’t matter, we remain focused. We listen to understand and talk openly with one another. We enjoy helping each other out. Because we know: we’ll only reach our goals and the goals of our customers by working together.

We do not cling to any specific frameworks or tools, but rather combine a curiosity for the best upcoming tech solutions with a skilled, disciplined hand for the tried and true. Everyone maintains as steep a learning curve as possible. We share our knowledge and ideas not only with colleagues, but also with the community through lectures, events and MeetUps. Naturally, customers and partners benefit from our experience as well. We place the utmost value on a self-organized and respectful working environment – lean, no-frills and effective.

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The focus of our activities and projects is in Hamburg, Hannover, and North Germany. Sleeping in your own bed is usually a reality.

RULE 80/20

80% of your working time belongs to the customer project – 20% to you and your interests. Your own or collective ones.


Do you enjoy your work? Good! But there is still life beyond the job. Continual overtime is not good – we can find better solutions for that.

Lean processes

The few processes that we must have are extremely lean. Otherwise, good common sense is the rule with us.

Involvement in project scheduling

No operation in an ivory tower: you are involved in scheduling, your preferences are taken into account – or to put it better: you land projects yourself.

Develop your skills

Will you be devastated if you don’t have the opportunity to get to know a specific technology or extend your knowledge of it? Or would you like to give lectures? Well, we will support you.

The opportunity to change projects or roles

Sometimes it just doesn't fit (anymore). Nothing is forever: you can change projects or roles without the client becoming unhappy.


Do you identify with Holisticon? And would you like to show it? OK: we can provide you with cool things and clothes!

ProfiCard / Company Bike

We add a lot to the job ticket so that you can really get around at a good price. We will also be happy to talk about a “company bike”.

Fair pay

We offer our employees a fair and equitable salary.

Make yourself at home

We do everything we can to make you feel heard, appreciated, respected and accommodated. We are a Fair Company - a good start, we think. Our goal: whether at home or in the office, you will love working here.

Sustainable growth

Our growth is organic and considered: only those who really fit in start out with us. Our clients are also great.

open positions

Datenschutz-Experte (M/W/D)

Du findest Datenschutz ist mehr als Bürokratie und langweilige Dokumentation? Du möchtest praktikable Datenschutz-Konzepte entwerfen und zusammen mit unseren Kund:innen weiterentwickeln und umsetzen? Dann komm zu uns ins Team!


Informationssicherheits-experte (M/W/D)

Du möchtest Kunden in allen Fragen der Informationssicherheit begleiten? Du kannst dich für Managementsysteme begeistern und siehst die Analyse und Umsetzung von IT-Sicherheitskonzepten als spannende Aufgabe? Du hast Spaß am eigenständigen Arbeiten und kannst deine fachliche Expertise souverän und überzeugend im Austausch einbringen? Dann komm zu uns ins Team! Wir wertschätzenVerstand, Witz und Engagement mehr als jeden isolierten Skill.