Software Architect, Software Developer (M/F/D)

Hamburg and Hanover, Germany

Does Software design and development excite you? Is State-of-the-art web frontends implemented with Javascript, Angular or Scala your cup of tea? Do you like designing and implementing business logic on the backend based on Java or Kotlin? If yes, what are you waiting for? Join us! We have the most demanding but also the most interesting software projects for you!

How we work

At Holisticon, we don’t just develop software, we take care of smooth operations and clean concepts. We don’t just react to change, often we cause it ourselves—with our agile mindset far across team boundaries. We don’t rely on Enterprise Java alone. We propagate a diversity of technologies to encourage learning, change and innovation. Thus, we are not only seen as experts in the field of software development but also as a cooperative partner and companion for medium-sized and large companies in northern Germany, commissioned for business-critical projects.

We are not bound to certain software products or manufacturers. We offer true advice and independent consultancy. We don’t present our customers with a predefined technical agenda. Instead we strive to utilize the newest and most effective technologies to solve the current challenge.

This is what we believe in and we are proud of it. Our experts like to share their ideas and experience as founding members in groups such as: Web Performance Meetup Hamburg, Scala User Group Hamburg, IoT-Meetup, Softwerkskammer Hamburg and many more. Our articles regularly get published in magazines, online media and we often attend conferences as speakers.

Our colleagues work as software architects and software engineers with a focus on frontend or backend software. Software craftsmanship is part of our DNA.

This could be your work environment
  • You will work in partnership with our clients. You will offer them advice during their IT projects.
  • You will be part of a team to discuss IT items at eye level with competent peers.
  • You will give guidance and advice to our customers.
  • If necessary, you are confident in your ability to handle conflicts.
  • You speak German fluently or bring a Goethe C2 certificate, if German is not your first language.
  • You enjoy working with Java, Scala (Akka, Play) and use them to implement stable backends.
  • You create fantastic frontends with modern web technolgies (Angular, React, Meteor), Scala (Play).
  • Together with your colleagues you become acquainted with highly topical technologies and concepts and make them known to the community.