Global Scrum Gathering 2022 Lisbon + beyond

19.10.2022  12:00  — 19.10.2022 13:15

At the Global Scrum Gathering in Lisbon, Philipp Pelka and Johannes Schartau give insights on how to combine Scrum with product development to succeed in dynamic environments and unleash the full potential of Scrum.

Product: The Missing Component on Your Agile Journey

The word “product” appears 89 times in the Scrum Guide, whereas the word “project” appears only once. Yet we see Scrum being used almost exclusively in project environments. This means we must work with fixed budgets and timeframes for delivering our product. Success is defined as shipping a big batch of features, usually without regard to the impact these features actually have. Discovery work, if at all, is done at the very beginning of the project. After development starts there is no space to further validate or test assumptions. So where does the agility that Scrum promises fit in?

We believe there are huge benefits to combining Scrum with product thinking, which rests on completely different assumptions. One is that there is no defined end date to our development. Continuously taking small steps towards specific outcomes allows us to guide our product through stages of a product lifecycle. While projects aren’t inherently bad, a lot of dysfunctions can be traced back to Scrum being used in a project-centric environment. In this session we will show you how to combine Scrum with a product development approach to survive in dynamic environments an unleash Scrum’s full potential.


Product strategy – With dynamism

15.09.2022  9:00  — 16.09.2022 18:00

Product strategy that uses dynamics to your advantage! How do you strategically develop products in an agile work environment? That’s what you’ll learn in the interactive workshop at Working Products #7 in Hamburg.

What is it about in detail?
Google Search defines a strategy as a “precise plan of behavior designed to achieve a goal (military, political, psychological, or similar) and in which one tries to factor in all factors from the outset.”

Often this “precise” plan reaches its limits when our product development and its environment is characterized by high dynamics and complexity. So it’s time to think strategy differently, so that we can use dynamics and complexity to our advantage.

In our workshop we would like to share with you our understanding of strategy and show how we can develop “lightweight” strategies and react flexibly to changes.

In doing so, we will walk the fine line of being able to plan and be flexible.

Come join us. Franziska and Johannes are looking forward to meeting you.


Liberating Structures Design-Corner

03.05.2021  14:00  — 15:00

Are you planning a meeting or workshop using Liberating Structures? Do you need support in designing your meeting or workshop?

Together with Birgit Nieschalk we brought the “Design-Corner” to life to cover exactly these topics. We want to help, inspire and learn from each other designing meetings and workshops.


1. You are familiar with Liberating Structures

It’s fine if you only know a few structures but you should have already utilized a couple of them. This isn’t a workshop but an exchange among practitioners.

2. You want to help others with their design OR you are looking for inspiration for your design

It doesn’t matter if you only have loose thoughts, a purpose statement or an already refined storyboard for your meeting: bring along your draft, open points, feedback, a final touch or a completely new perspective.

We are looking forward to an exchange with you and all the other participants!


SEACON digital 2021

21.04.2021  9:00  — 22.04.2021 16:00

SEACON 2021 – the conference for software engineering + architecture will again take place online this year and of course Holisticon will be a part of it.

As advisory board member we are looking forward to two exciting days with you. We expect numerous inspiring sessions from renowned speakers.

Be there on 22nd of April when Holistikönner Marvin presents his session on:

10:15 – 10:55 – Why do we build single-page applications and what’s next?

Angular, React or maybe Vue.js? The first question in many projects isn’t if a single-page application (SPA) is the right architectural approach anymore. It is all about which framework should be used for implementation. Blindly deciding to use a SPA leads to a whole lot of compromises that are being made which often do not benefit the project or the end user. How did we get to this point at which we don’t even consider other options anymore?  To answer this question we will take a look at the evolutionary steps from a traditional server-side rendering (SSR) to a pure client-side rendering (CSR) of a single-page application. We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of other approaches which were left behind on this journey. And we will take a look into the future when the borders between SSR and CSR will increasingly be blurred.

We look forward to seeing you online at SEACON digital 2021!


Real collaboration with Liberating Structures

23.03.2021  17:00  — 18:30

Explore the world of Liberating Structures. After a short digression why standard communication methods often fail, we will show you how meetings can start to feel good again for you. This happens through active participation and not only through understanding the theory.

This event is right for you, if:
  • standard meetings really annoy you
  • you have the feeling that it can be done better
  • your colleagues are never really interested or participate
  • you want to solve the conflicts in your team
  • you want to learn more about Liberating Structures
  • you are already using Liberating Structures but you want to deepen your knowledge
This is what you get:
  • an interactive exchange with like-minded people about their problems and possible solutions
  • an overview on why communication often fails
  • an insight into how and why Liberating Structures work so effectively
  • an exciting outlook on what else is possible with Liberating Structures
Liberating Structures program

We would like to introduce to you our Liberating Structures building block program which will step-by-step help you to understand the Liberating Structures way of thinking. You will be able to juggle the whole range of methods and tools to successfully solve specific problems. Every single building block covers a certain point of view of the Liberating Structures repertoire:

  • the basics: healing inefficient meetings, ensure participation, offer and receive help
  • the juggling: customised answers to various typical tasks
  • the relationship level: strengthen relationships, navigate conflicts securely and carefully
  • hug complexity: successful approaches to complex challenges
  • start initiatives: new teams, projects, ventures: how do I guarantee their success?
  • the design masterclass: from an one-hour-meeting to a workshop over several days, invitations and strings
  • about power and structure: challenges, pitfalls and possibilities as facilitator
  • revolutionize decision-making: breaking through restrictions of traditional decision-making
  • BONUS: regular help with design questions within the group or during 1-2-1 consulting sessions with a professional
Technical notes:

We will be using the ZOOM software for this event. Please ensure you pay attention to the following important notes: if you haven’t installed ZOOM yet, please plan to have a few extra minutes to do so. As soon as you register for the event you will receive a link. By clicking this link you will start the ZOOM installation. Please also always mute you microphone if you are not talking. This is less important in small groups but compulsory in a larger group setting. This event will be held in German!

If you haven’t had anything to do with Liberating Structures so far, have a look at www.liberatingstructures.com. There is also a German version available at www.liberatingstructures.de. Also recommended, the free app in the Apple App or Google Play Store!

We are looking forward to the event with you!


Let’s talk about: NEW WORK

23.02.2021  18:30  — 20:00

New Work“, “Work 4.0 or Servant Leadership” – the way we work with colleagues, partners and clients is changing rapidly. The current pandemic situation is a good example of how important it is to find new ways of working together.

What happens when people from the ‘old world’ start at a new company that has been living and breathing the new ways of working from the beginning? The speakers Kathrin and Wiebke have experienced exactly that and want to share their journey with you. Furthermore, they will highlight how these experiences can be adapted and used by companies during this change process to support employees on this journey in the best possible way. 

(Note: This event will be held in German!)

Event host

This event is hosted by the Frauenpower in IT Xing Community.


Please register directly through the Frauenpower in IT event on Xing. The MS Teams software will be used for this online event.

We look forward to seeing you then.