WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2021
28.07.2021  11:00  — 11:20

I like pizza. I like it a lot. I want to use the sensation of ordering a pizza to demonstrate how easy it can be to develop microservices with contemporary and modern methodology – that being the API First! approach.

In this lightning session I will show on the beamer how easy it is to write a small OpenAPI Spec for a tiny microservice. I will use the mighty OpenAPI Code Generator to generate initial projects from this spec file for a couple of programming languages.

So the generator automatically does a lot of work for you, taking the task of project setup and the writing of boiler plate code off you shoulders.

This demonstration will show that developing the “API First! way” can save you a lot of time and also forces you to think first of a clean and understandable API before you implement it. Thus enabling you to design awesome APIs to be used by consuming applications.

The developers who are going to use your API to build their own applications will thank you for that.

You should bring with you a basic understanding of microservice development. Furthermore, it will help you to be able to read YAML code, as I write it live on the beamer.

Liberating Structures Design-Corner
24.09.2020  14:00  — 24.09.2020 15:00

Are you planning a meeting or workshop using Liberating Structures? Are you in need of support for designing your meeting or workshop?

For that purpose we together with Birgit Nieschalk brought to life the “Design-Corner”. We want to help, inspire and learn from each other designing meetings and workshop.


1. You are familiar with Liberating Structures

It is fine knowing only a few structures. But you should already have utilized a couple of them. This is no workshop but an exchange among practitioners.

2 You want to help others with their design OR are looking for stimulus for your design

No matter if you only have loose thoughts, a purpose statement or an already refined storyboard for your meeting: Bring along your draft, where you need help, feedback, a final touch or a completly new perspectice.

We are looking forward for an exchange!

SEACON digital 2020
17.09.2020  9:00  — 18.09.2020 17:00

2020 the SEACON goes digital. Holisticon will of course be there when the first virtual Software Engineering + Architecture Conference goes online.

As advisory board member we are looking forward to two exciting days with you. We expect inspiring keynotes, technical presentations and a multitude of open spaces.

And we won’t let ourselves get carried away, because you can experience Holistikönner*innen twice on 17.09.2020:

  • 10:30 – 11:10 – Jaqueline Striewe and Michael Plümacher share with you their best tricks and tips on how you can cook safely with data without burning your fingers.
  • 13:20 – 14:50 – Experience in the Workshop with Caroline Tobaben and Maret Karaca an entertaining, agile insight – not only into the world of Liberating Structures.

Let’s meet on the first SEACON digital.

Liberating Structures UGH
16.09.2020  18:00

“Quo vadis, LSUG H?” — In this session after the summer break we want to look together how we want to design the User Group in the future.

Please take your time, so that we can create the next steps together.
Once again virtual, if something should change, we will contact you.
Best wishes from the Orga-Team!

Camunda User Group HH
20.08.2020  19:00

Beautiful process data handling for Camunda BPM

We want to wake up again from the corona low and the summer lethargy. There is a CUGHH again!

The automation of business processes always involves process data. In this presentation we will introduce you to a new FOSS library, which allows you to access, edit and test process variables better, more conveniently and, above all, type-safe.

It encapsulates the standard Camunda Java API, but offers not only more intuitive interfaces, but also some additional features. This makes the implementation of Camunda projects even more developer-friendly.

And as always, of course, although not in persona: pizza, beer and interesting conversations

Liberating Structures UG HH
19.08.2020  18:00

As always we would like to try out new and known Liberating Structures with you. We will announce the topic and the string shortly before.

We meet again virtually and use the software Zoom for this. Here are a few very important hints, which you should consider before using the software:

  • The password you have to enter at Zoom is “770087”.
  • If you don’t have Zoom installed yet, please allow about five minutes for it. You will be given a link when you register for this event. When you click on it, your browser should prompt you to install Zoom.
  • Please mute your microphone whenever you are not actively speaking. In smaller groups this is not so important, but in large groups it is completely essential.
  • We actually start punctually at 6pm this time. But we can still go overtime.
  • Pizza and drinks you have to organize yourself. 🙂

If you haven’t had anything to do with Liberating Structures so far, have a look at www.liberatingstructures.com. There is also a German version available at www.liberatingstructures.de. Also recommended, the free app in the Apple App or Google Play Store!