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Every day, your organization faces big challenges. Digitalization captures more and more areas of our daily life. Large amounts of data and information can be utilized in new and different ways. Business processes change and new opportunities arise. Agile organizations will adapt easier to these new conditions. Together with you, we will accept and manage these challenges.


We consider the digital transformation as the most crucial part during the change to a business that has integrated digital technology into all its areas. We accompany you individually and personally on this path of yours.

Digitalization enables modern services, products and business models. Often, it allows cost reduction, diversification of service and product portfolios and optimization of internal business processes.

At the same time digitalization increases market dynamics and changes customer expectations as well as global competition and technological progress. As a business you deliberately face these changes to remain competitive.

Our experts are at your side on your way to the digital business: technologically, methodically and extraordinarily in creating digital solutions. We will bring enough spine to also address all the inconvenient topics we face along the way.

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We believe that businesses and organizations in an ever changing world are more successful and resilient if they use agile ways of working in a sustainable and authentic way.

From our experience we know that agile working methods are not established overnight. Instead, they are the result of a cultural change.

In this change everyone has an important role to play whether they are developer, manager or CEO. Consequently, agile transitions only succeed if we involve everyone and if everyone understands why the organization must change. We would like to join you on your way to achieve this goal.

Without blueprint or rollouts, but instead with heart and mind and a solution that we create with everyone involved. We will actively contribute to ensure that your organization will be fit for sustainable change.

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To unleash the power of your data you are going to need a well-thought-out Data Strategy. This is essential in order to position yourself successfully in increasingly dynamic markets.

In close collaboration with you, our experienced Data Scientists will explore the potential that lies dormant in your data. From there, a team of specialists consisting of data scientists and software engineers will accompany you on your individual data journey and towards digital transformation.

As a data-driven company, you make decisions based on truly reliable findings; optimize your internal processes and increase your added value and sales potential through target-group-oriented product development. Strengthen your market position through smart, data-based decisions and shape the innovations of the future.

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Efficiency and cost optimization along with ongoing turnover growth? Possible only with process automation. Respond swiftly to dynamic market conditions? Feasible only with process excellence.

Our response: Challenge accepted. Our motivation is the increase of your value creation.

We are convinced that the target-oriented and profitable handling of processes can only succeed through the interaction between the organization, the business units and IT. Simple colorful process designs that are not suitable for automation are of no use to anyone, just like rigid systems that are not accepted by the users.

We stand for an interdisciplinary process orientation and let technical aspects and the crucially important user perspective flow directly into the introduction of BPM and the process design. We make you and your processes better.

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Not least after Spectre, Meltdown and DSGVO, safety is the focus of many projects. It is important to take a holistic approach to security - from development to regularity and operation - tailored to your company.

Especially now as companies rely significantly more on the use of mobile devices and cloud solutions, protecting such large amounts of data- which must remain accessible at all times- becomes even more complex and critical. The digitalization of the economy, for example, brings with it a wide range of challenges for the security of your systems.

DevOps trends and continuous delivery offer more opportunities to improve the security of software systems. We have dedicated ourselves to this important and wide-ranging field of activity.

We think about security from start to finish – from automation in the context of DevSecOps to organizational and methodical support, e.g. when introducing ISMS. Because we want you to be able to relax and focus on your core business – in a security-conscious organization.

More details can be found on our Security -website:

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